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DIG we not...Re$pect fo$$ilized remain$ of our DINO$AUR politician$ & their ance$tral burial ground$

Updated: Sep 13

LET'$ $TART HERE...For our children's $ake...Before it'$ too late!!!

Reader: The oil companies are deceptive and speak out of both sides of their mouths. The same can be said about political parties that feed off them. So, please keep this in mind when taking in the impact of these first three articles.

"Just what the truth is I can't say anymore..."

Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues

Exxon Lobbyist Caught On 2021 Video Talking About Undermining Biden's Climate Push

--watch the shocking facts in the 2021 9-minute undercover video

Anointed with Oil: Evangelicals and the Petroleum Industry (2019)

Thomas Kidd | July 16, 2019

This just in: Pretty much all major oil companies are lying liars (2015)

Big oil CEOs just lied before Congress. It’s time they’re held accountable - The Guardian (2021)

Fo$$il hunting in Detroit...

Weep not for them...They've gone to a Jetta place...

Somewhat Sequitor...Just a different addiction

You can tru$t your car to the man who wear$ the $tar...the big bright Texaco $tar

THROWBACK THURSDAY: 'You can trust your car to the man who wears the star' (01:17)

Texaco - old commercial (1970s) (1:00)

Old Texaco Commercial 1970 (00:58)

Sinclair's Dino Supreme

Here'$ a $ugge$tion for $topping the flow of ca$h to the fo$$ilized politician$...

The Search for Dino the Sinclair Dinosaur's Head (02:26)

Ance$tral Burial Ground$ Tactic

Let'$ respect these politician$' ance$tral burial ground$ which, by the way, are rich in the fo$$ilized remain$ of their ance$tor$...

"Dinosaur$" = People who don't $EE or don't re$pect the me$$age$ our home planet has been $ending u$...U$A...

Political Paleontology

This is an invitation to continue to dig additional reflection$...

"Breaking up rocks for the great highway..." Yabba Dabba Do!!!


Children playing with dinosaurs...

Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones (Official Music Video) (04:38)

While not a laughing matter, comedic interpretation can help $hed light on it'$ intended $ubject$...

I went looking for a $kit that portrayed an oil indu$try executive going to confe$$ion. I wa$ $ure it was Fr. Guido $arducci on $NL. $adly, I couldn't find it in the Internet'$ fo$$il remain$. BUT! I did excavate the$e:

The Story Behind Adam Driver’s Oil Baron SNL Sketch

Jerry goes to Confession (02:32)

UPDATE: But not on a WEEKEND...

It'$ 4:30 AM a few day$ later...I just got up to u$e the bathroom and remembered $ome of the monologue from Fr. Guido'$ oil $pill $kit. After hearing the oil company executive'$ confe$$ion, the prie$t $ay$,

"Thatsa funny...the lasta tima I hada codafish, ita tasta lika Permalube..."

REWARD: I will buy dinner at Witche$ Brew for anyone who can $end me a link to this cla$$ic $kit. Buta donta worry abouta ordering fi$h. They don't $erve any dead animals. Well, maybe they'd make $ome exception$...

While fertilizing our ocean in the wee hours of thi$ morning, I did find this $NL oil $pill skit:

BP Oil Spill Cold Opening - Saturday Night Live (02:56)

"The USA is nothing more than an Oil Company with an army" -George Carlin in the 70's


"and up from the ground came a bubblin' crude..."

The Beverly Hillbillies Opening and Closing Theme 1962 - 1971 HD (02:04)

One more true confe$$ion...

Shell Chairman: My Fears For Planet Oil Chief's 2017 'Confession' Shocks Industry

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