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Dances of Universal Peace

Fellow Dancers,

Some of our friends have invited Eileen and I to join them later today (Sunday) from 3-5 PM at the Valley Stream Baha'i Center for a celebration known as the Dances of Universal Peace. It's a 50-year old multicultural, multi-faith, multi-generational and multi-FUN, experience of community...

Baha'i Center

11 West Jamaica Ave.

Valley Stream NY 11580

The Dances of Universal Peace is a 50-year-old tradition of meditative dancing and chanting involving themes of peace and healing. The event allows people to participate in dance movements to gain an overall sense of peace. No previous dance experience is needed to join.

“The intention is to bring heart,” said Mariam Casdin-Silver, the leader of Dances of Universal Peace. “It’s not a performance, it’s a practice.”


Eat, Dance & Pray Together! (02:39)

--the origins...there's more info in the description under the video


Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie (04:22)

it's time to change the story...


Baha’i Center shares peace dancing - LI Herald (2018)

Here's a 10-minute meditation-dance that was part of a Dances of Universal Peace event held at a Sufi Summer Camp in 2014.

Love, Serve and Remember - Sufi Summer Camp 2014

Dances of Universal Peace (03:32)

--This woman found the dances of universal peace in Amsterdam in 1973. It brought people together and bonded people together increasing a sense of unity. This dance is influenced by Sufism. This mystical branch of Sufism honors other faith traditions and focuses on the heart of the individual, building unity between people of different traditions.

Alleluia (Taizé) - Dance of Universal Peace (03:46)

Hacia el Uno: Danzas de Paz Universal // Towards the One: Dances of Universal Peace (08:49)

--en inglés y español

Reading through this Wikipedia article, I learned that Buffy Sainte-Marie was a friend of the Baha'i Fellowship.

All Aboard…

"Peace Train" featuring Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Playing For Change | Song Around The World (04:09)


Cat Stevens - Peace Train (04:12)

--beautifully creative images including these next 4...

Let's go out Dancing...and a little child will lead us...


IFLC International Festival of Language and Culture (separate link to this organization's YouTube channel)

MORE...Meditation in Action...

Dances of Universal Peace Worldwide Website

--click the "Worldwide Network" link on the top menu bar to locate one near you, then follow the navigating instructions. Here's the page for "NY":

Invitation to the Dance: Dances of Universal Peace (21:48)

--begins with the origins of this worldwide movement...

Baha’i Center celebrates 10 years in Valley Stream - LI Herald (2016)

Let Your Vision Be World Embracing - Bahá’u’lláh

Here's one of my posts that mentions our hanging out with our Baha'i friends.

Sunrise...Sunset...Mom's Words Still Dance with the Trees...

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