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Celebrate Grateful Dad's/Father's Day "Course/Show" - 11 CEU's in Rock History - Port Washington, NY

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Grateful Grandfathers...Dads...Grandmas...Moms...Bring your younguns...

They WON'T learn this history in their schools...

Father's Day Sun. June 18th @ Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington, NY

Doors open 11:30 AM...Show begins at 12:00 Noon...Info on the venue is at the end.

FYI - Don't worry...if you're busy...or out of state...or out of mind...The Rock and Roll Playhouse has events like this and others covering the great bands we grew up with...all over the country...Rock and Roll Playhouse

Before proceeding, check out this sample "course" offering from one of the 2019 shows:

I got one for me and one for my date (Eileen-my dancing partner of 45+ years around the sun).

Speaking of "sons"...our musician son John had a bigger collection of music from "my generation" than I did. One reason was that at one point, I gave all my "vinyl" ("youngsters: see footnote) to my young nephew Paul when he was getting interested in music.

Footnote: "Vinyl" does not refer to siding but to an early music delivery system.


Easy...The Landmark is in a "Port" city, a terminus for the LIRR and is served by NICE bus routes (but only if "You're KIND).

As a "Revere-d" American statesman said during the British invasion of the '60's:

"One if by land...Two if by sea...Three if by air...Four...Head to the Underground..."

By Rail: Tons of Steel (you can listen to Casey on your own...)

By Boat: Ship of Fools

By Air: Bird Song

For your "Furthur" Deadification

First, get on the bus, Gus...

On the flyer at the beginning of the post, there's mention that a portion of the proceeds will help support the mission of the REX Foundation - a charitable organization begun by members of the Grateful Dead and their friends.

The Rex Foundation was created by "members of the Grateful Dead and Friends" in 1983 as a charitable non-profit organization to "proactively provide extensive community support to creative endeavors in the arts, sciences, and education."


The Rex Foundation's stated mission is "to help secure a healthy environment, promote individuality in the arts, provide support to critical and necessary social services, assist others less fortunate than ourselves, protect the rights of indigenous people and ensure their cultural survival, build a stronger community, and educate children and adults everywhere."

Grandparents Rock

Extra Sets: Kids

Can't make this show? There are lots of others all around the USA.

And, if you prefer to tutor your child/children in the privacy of your home school, here's a 2018 show from the Brooklyn Bowl:

--featured Austin, Texas's Barton Hills Choir that does lots of Dead and other bands...Staying Grateful!!!

What I love about my "job" is DISCovering new stuff like the following...Gives me HOPE that we WILL have a future where people are KIND...Enjoy these kids from East Providence, RI.

Extra Sets: Buses

Tunes about the FURTHUR bus...and all such busses...My '65 VW Bus, my brother Mike's '61 Bus...and departed friend of the Dead - Chickie - and his "new" model - a '68...

11th Hour

Here's why "11 CEU's" in the title...

Reason #1. "11" is a favorite number. For starters, it's my favorite of the 12 Steps of AA.

Here, as in all prayer forms, feel free to change the gender...of the prayer's recipient...

--Also known as the Prayer of St. Francis

Reason #2. "11" is also a favorite Grateful Dead ode...

The Eleven Lyrics By: Robert Hunter Music By: Phil Lesh No more time to tell how This is the season of what Now is the time of returning With our thought jewels polished and gleaming Now is the time past believing The child has relinquished the reign Now is the test of the boomerang Tossed in the night of redeeming Eight-sided whispering hallelujah hatrack Seven-faced marble eye transitory dream doll Six proud walkers on jingle-bell rainbow Five men writing in fingers of gold Four men tracking the great white sperm whale Three girls wait in a foreign dominion Ride in the whalebelly Fade away in moonlight Sink beneath the waters To the coral sands below Now is the time of returning Source:

Greatest Stories Ever Told - "The Eleven" - David Dodd (University of California Santa Cruz)

The Venue: Landmark on Main Street

Organization Background Landmark on Main Street, Inc. is the product of more than ten years of visionary planning and dedicated work by the citizens of Port Washington. It developed out a commitment to preserve an historic landmark, the Main Street School, and to enhance community life. A unique model of community development, Landmark is a collaboration of civic-minded individuals, government, business, and not-for-profit organizations all sharing the belief that a community’s commitment to a richer cultural, recreational, civic, educational and social life and the celebration of diversity benefits the quality of life for all.

Landmark on Main Street opened in November 1995. The 87-year-old former school was converted into 59 units of affordable senior housing, a two-acre Town Park and a 25,000 square foot Community Center. A complex mix of government and corporate funds augmented by private contributions financed the $11.5 million acquisition/renovation. The area’s limited rental market and high cost of construction jeopardized the existence of essential local service organizations and inhibited their expansion. The Community Center provides affordable space for not-for-profit organizations for both long-term and per-diem usage. Landmark’s centralized location and proximity to public transportation (on a major bus route and within walking distance of the railroad station) makes it accessible to teens, non-driving adults, seniors and visitors.

Dead Post Office (related posts)

--(hidden by my mask) this was a tongue-in-cheek look at a 2021 MANDATORY VACCINATION requirement to attend one of the Playhouse's Grateful Dead events

--take as directed...and call me...walk me in the morning...dew...

This next tune, while not among my previous posts, is a fun summer segue:

"Ain't no time to hate

Barely time to wait

Whoa oh what I want to know

Is are you KIND?"

--Film Gene Anthony Photo Shoot summer Of 67? Haight Ashbury Panhandle park The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Bill Graham, Quicksilver Messenger Service, John Cipollina.......


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