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Birthday greetings to a great music man: All you give is what we need: love, love, love

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Fr. Joe,

Musicians are a gift from G-d!

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” ― Kahlil Gibran


Consider this my birthday gift to you…

This is dedicated to the one I love (see link at end) for, among the many musically-creative things you’ve done (Christmas Choir & Living Nativity, playing at Citi Field, etc), you served up Tax Man (link at end) at a Sunday service in April 2019. I wasn’t there but got my info from my Secret Agent Man (link at end) – son John - who was on keyboard that day.

You put the fun into tithing!

--you were 6

--you were 47 (USSR)

Included here because of the HUGE rabbit hole that opened before me, once “Moscow” entered “my my my my my my my my my mind.” In this case, I wasn’t led there by a WHITE rabbit but by a RED one.

A must read article whether you’re a Beatles fan or simply a fan of the human race.

(BTW – Who’s winning THAT race?)

(From this article) “Banned in 1964, The Beatles never set foot in Russia. Sir Paul McCartney finally flew in this summer (2003), playing Red Square. In this OMM exclusive, he talks us through his picture book.”

--you were 63

--for comments that appeared under this video see below under “ENCORE”

…and now you’re…What comes after 63…?

“Give me your answer, fill in a form (soon the Medicare ones), yours sincerely taxing away…”

Here’s a creative version from a Russian woman (how fitting for this post/greeting) – showing, among the various imaginative messages that…

”Age improves with wine”

This video somehow reminded me of the “Drink with me" scene in Les Mis.

Thanks, Jim, MaryLou and the rest of the Jeffrey family for not only introducing my family to this memorable story, but also performing the songs for us!

--from the “You can’t make this stuff up” department – For a few minutes Sir Paul dons his vestments and becomes the Very Reverend Paul. Check it out!

INTERMEZZO - Comedic Intermission

Like any good performer that has an audience, I don’t want to leave the stage, even if, like Billy sings, “The microphone smells like a beer.”

So, here’s a quick story about a magician who was warming up the crowd before the Grateful Dead came on stage. Me and some buddies were in a baseball stadium in NJ. The guy on stage was doing a bunch of lame magic tricks. At one point, he stopped and loudly boasted to us, “Now for my next trick, I will…” Before he finished his sentence, we all started shouting in unison, “Disappear! Disappear! Disappear!” With that…he disappeared from the stage and the Dead began their own brand of magic.

This disproves Bp. Craig’s quip,

“If you can still remember the 60’s, you weren’t there.”

Hmm, technically, it was the 70’s, so maybe his quip still applies.

Musician’s version of “Is there baseball in heaven?” joke:

You know the premise of the baseball version, so here’s the musician’s one: two old rockers, let’s call them John and George, are hanging out…one says to his band mate, “Let’s make a pact that whoever plays their last gig first, will come back and tell the other if there’s rock music in heaven. OK? Deal!

So, John dies. Saddened, George recalls their pact and begins wondering if he’ll be able to get to play any gigs after he dies. To his amazement, as he’s wondering about his fate, John appears to him.

Overjoyed, George hugs him and they sit down to reminisce. Eventually, George gets up the courage to ask John about their pact.

George: “Is there rock music in heaven?”

John: “Do you want the good news or the bad news?”

George: “Give me the good news first.”

John: “Yes, there is rock music in heaven and plenty of available gigs. And, you won’t have to play for change – as you’ll already be changed – in the twinkling of an eye.”

George: “So, what’s the bad news?”

John: “Tomorrow, we got a gig together.”

ENCORE…ENCORE…ENCORE…OK, I’ll do another set…

2019 Dodger Stadium Birthday Song

Before jamming, Paul dedicated this song to anyone having a birthday that day…then he graciously extended his wishes to everyone having a birthday that year.

Check out the opening - lots of flag waving (it was close to July 4th – our nation’s birthday) and the raising of wine glasses. Reminded me of a Bastille Day party or the “Do you hear the people sing?” scene from Les Mis (Again, Thanks, Jeffrey family!)

Flags of many nations can lead to a United Nations or Divided Nations

A thousand people in the street (Ooo-ooo-ooo)

Singing songs and a-carryin’ signs (Ooo-ooo-ooo)

Mostly say, "Hooray for our side" (Ooo-ooo-ooo)

--For What It’s Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Comments under 2019 Dodger Stadium Birthday performance

Proving once again, the world’s filled with all kinds of folks and blokes…to protect their privacy (pronounce the “i” like the Brits do - where it doesn’t sound like “eye.”), I’ve given them my own apropos names:

My glass’s half full: “Happy Birthday, Paul! You sound and look fantastic! My grandson’s birthday is July 13th and mine is July 15th. We’re all moon babies! Take care, God bless, and keep on rocking!!!”

My glass’s half empty: “Sad to hear that it´s not Paul who is hitting the high notes...”

There is no glass: “That's not Paul ,it's Faul, the fake paul (Billy shears). The real Paul DIED in November 1966 ...R I P .....”

Multiple-choice test on this last comment:

This person could be:

A. A conspiracy theorist

B. A Buddhist

C. On drugs or crazy

D. All of the above

Ans.: _____


--Clever video

--I got introduced to The Shirelles in high school (Power Memorial Academy in NYC) by Victor Davila who was the president of their local fan club.

FYI - I was there (1961-1965) when Lou Alcindor played center for our basketball team. He went on to UCLA and then the Lakers, where he was known as Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

--automobile fans: check out this link about an alleged connection between the Batmobile and Pontiac’s Bonneville and Catalina offerings

--Extended version from a 1975 concert at a true high church of music – Winterland!!!

Includes an amazing 5-minute guitar into.

For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Before the Very Reverend Paul from Liverpool…there was Paul from Tarsus. They both sang a similar song:

· All You Need is Love - I selected this choir version because of the wonderful Intercessor Choir you’ve led for all these years. BTW - You were quite fortunate to work with two former choir members that are now singing in that great choir in the sky: Mattie Albert and Jeannie Tomaselli. I’m sure they’re putting in a good word for you.

There were also two John’s who preached similarly:



From the article:

“When I turned 64 this year, it came as no surprise that I would receive several texts of the Beatles iconic numeric song from my kids. I’m glad to confirm that they will still ‘feed me’ and ‘need me.’”

“What I didn’t see then, and am only seeing now with the eyes of faith, is how the evangelization of Jesus permeates their songs.

The Beatles and God Reflected in Nature

Now I’m not referring to the way that one would play the album backward to hear a subliminal message. Nor was there any intent, at least what we know, by the Beatles to preach about the Kingdom of God and Jesus. What has changed is the listener, me. The filter through which I see, hear, and observe all that is in the world is now more tuned into the Kingdom of God which is all around us.”

Tom: This underlined principle is a MAJOR point and one I often post about, once I began experiencing it in my own life:

“We see things as WE are and not as THEY are.”


To Fr. Joe - the Chief Musician:

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ― Lao Tzu

Happy Birthday, Fr. Joe!!! Well done, good and faithful musician!!!

Added 7/15/20: Illustration courtesy of illustrator David Tommasino. Here's his Instagram site.


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