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12 Dayze of Christmas Gratefulness-NINE: "People in darkness have seen a GRATE Light..."

Traveler: To experience the other "dayze" in this seer-ease...just get back on your afar (out) the blog:

As we've traveled so far...we've highlighted seasonal tunes and symbols. "LIGHT" is now in it???

HOW...WHERE...WHEN..."DEW" we find it...and, sometimes, doesn't it FIND US???

OLD Testament

NEW Testament

People living in darkness have seen a “GRATE” light…

"Sometimes the light's all shining on me...Other times I can barely see..."

First, offstage...some backstory...

Now...LIVE from New York...Uhh...The team and stadium moved...

...LIVE from New Jersey...

"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places…IF you look at it right…"

--I liked the use of imaginative lighting

One of these "strangest of places" to find light can be in the “dark” times…

...where we can be more open to receiving these messages...

Sobering reminders about the brevity of our lives...

--Witches Brew Coffee House (West Hempstead, NY) crow and skull cawing out a warning...

"Well, the first days are the hardest days

Don't you worry anymore

'Cause when life looks like Easy Street

There is danger at your door

Think this through with me

Let me know your mind

Whoa, oh, what I want to know

Is are you kind?"

"It's the same story the CROW told me

It's the only one he know

Like the morning sun you come

And like the wind you go

Ain't no time to hate

Barely time to wait

Whoa, oh, what I want to know

Where does the time go?"

--Uncle John's Band-Grateful Dead

--creative images fitting for these mystical words...

Similar reminders from other BYRDS...and a prophet named Robert...

Today Eileen and I celebrated the Winter Solstice with friends. At our eclectic gathering, we met someone new - a man from the Sioux Nation named Michael Crowfoot. Dressed in ceremonial attire and using a drums and rattles, he led us in a chant...

Light and Dark in Robert Hunter's Lyrics

His job is to share the light, and not to master... --"Terrapin Station"

We humans spend our lives bumbling along, and occasionally we have moments of insight, or of grace. They don't last long, but they somehow make life more worth living. Many writers have attempted to capture this feeling of momentary magical thinking; religions are founded upon seeking a permanent state of illumination or grace; and those who use drugs as "escape" are often seekers of the light.

The light. Robert Hunter's lyrics for the Grateful Dead make repeated allusion to the gold ring of understanding, knowledge, bliss, grace, or whatever else "it" might be called, which all too often just slips away when we try to reach it. It's a transitory thing, this "knowing."

Hunter uses evocations of light and dark, of day and night, to present many shades of meaning. Dawn and dark can be seen as birth and death, as well as knowing and unknowing. And they are not completely separate at all times: sometimes there is only grey. Sometimes the darkness gives birth to the light, as mystery and the unknown are as necessary as revelation. And sometimes, as in "Blues for Allah," the seeds of light give birth to darkness: knowledge brings a price with it.

--David is always my SME (subject matter expert) for all things Dead

Santa's Gratefulness Bag of Extreeees

--of the Dead and other bands Check him out!!!


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