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Step 11 on 1/11...PM is good for our cars, bodies, minds & souls...

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

"1/11...a day that will live in sobriety..."

Born in '47, I'm now 74... 4+7 = 11 7+4 = 11

As we continue, we'll explore how wise words & mindful music ADD UP...providing selfcare through Positive Music and Preventive Maintenance - not only for our vehicles but also for their drivers' bodies, minds, hearts & souls...


Working my whole career in the business of the mindful care of automobiles, "PM" is a term for "Preventive Maintenance"...Timely "LOF"...Lube, Oil & Filter...will keep 'em running...

So, too, PM for our bodies: good food, exercise ("use it or lose it")...keeps 'em moving...

And PM for our souls...according to some...designed to outlast our bodies...

...and if we don't care for our souls OR our vehicles, our SOLES will also get worn out...

This next image is at the beginning of the book (see end for more book images) used by my friend and fellow surfer - Steve Bermont - that provided my introduction to the craft of vehicle diagnosis, maintenance and repair. I still have my original copy. Pay close attention to the Aesop-like wisdom in the opening quote:

"Come to kindly terms with your Ass for it bears you."

"Love BEARS all things..."

--1 SFO 13

"Wharf Rats" - Sober Deadheads??? (Facebook group - private)

Isn't that an oxymoron...Hmm...maybe it's an...Aoxomoxoa



In recovery circles, Step 11 is a PM/Selfcare step: Prayer & Meditation

"Looking in the mirror...I love you sweet G-d..."

--Lyrics from Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur (10:37) Snatam is a musician and teacher/practitioner of Kundalini yoga - the form I practice. Her music and workshops have helped keep my feet grounded in the steps...there's more below on yoga and the 12 Steps...

Step 11 in song (02:45)

Step 11 - Richard Rohr 2016 Daily Meditation (Center for Action and Contemplation)

--part of a 2-week series (links to all are in this meditation)

--It was his book "Breathing Underwater-Spirituality and the Twelve Steps" that was used to get me into the rooms... Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps (47:42)

...As were the writings of another contemplative teacher/practitioner: Thomas Keating "Divine Therapy & Addiction Centering Prayer and the Twelve Steps"

27a. What is the Divine Therapy? Part 1, with Thomas Keating (29:29) 27b. What is the Divine Therapy? Part 2, with Thomas Keating (28:34)

PM: Positive Music...7 COME 11 - THE ELEVEN

"The Eleven" Lyrics (partial) "No more time to tell how

This is the season of what

Now is the time of returning

With our thought jewels polished and gleaming"

The Annotated "The Eleven" - from a must-use Deadhead source:

--"And another note from a reader:

From: Mitchell, Matthew [] Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 8:21 AM Subject: The Eleven A rather obvious reference to the Eleven came to mind Sunday. If you read the Acts of the Apostles, you'll see "the Eleven" referred to frequently: they are of course the apostles who remained after Judas fled and Christ was crucified and rose from the dead. (Mathias was added to their number later) The Eleven were the founders of the Christian church, and the Holy Spirit came over them at Pentecost (Acts 2). They began speaking in many different tongues, but everyone present understood the message in his or her own tongue. This can be seen as an undoing of the curse of Babel (Genesis 11), where God confused the languages and divided the people. See all seems quite familiar to those of us who listen to the GD. They came from different musical traditions, listened to and played with an even greater diversity of musicians, and turned it all into a musical whole that speaks in different ways to different people. Everyone understands the Dead in their own tongue. Matt Mitchell"

--above article also includes a reference to the whale as a Jonah image

Greatest Stories Ever Told - "The Eleven" - by David Dodds (another must for Deadheads)

"Grateful Dead" The Eleven Jam - Aoxomoxoa 1969 (14:53) Grateful Dead's "The Eleven" (01:37)

--put on yer top hat, high hat or no hat and beat these skins...feel the percussion...

How it was often performed as a live set:

Grateful Dead - St. Stephen/The Eleven/Turn On Your Love Light - Live/Dead (432hz) (30:56)




Don't wait until...

Y12SR: Yoga for 12 Step Recovery

"It's all in the mind, you know..." - The Beatles in Yellow Submarine

Yeah, but our issues also live in our tissues...

Y12SR - About, find a meeting...more

Several years ago, I participated in a local Y12SR group led by Frank Bono. Besides helping us care for our collective bodies and minds, Frank also brought a musical presence with his guitar playing. His Point Lookout, NY meeting is listed on the Y12SR website (see link above).


Hey, Cylinder Head, don't be insulted the next time someone refers to you as "Ol Chrome Dome"

Sometimes the software in our Engine Control Module (brain) is faulty and needs to be reprogrammed. Among the 12 Steps recovery programs are those for Buddhists and agnostics.


I met Buddhist teacher and musician Kevin Griffin at one of his concerts and loved both his message and his music. I've previously posted about his "Laughing Buddha" CD.

--->>You can sample it here on Spotify. Here's his seminal book on recovery: "One Breath at a Time - Buddhism & the 12 Steps" Here's one recommendation from the above link: “‘One Breath at a Time’ is a brilliant merging of Buddhist insights with those of the Twelve step program, shining a fresh new light on both of these paths of liberation. Griffin weaves the essential teachings of the two psycho-spiritual traditions together with his own story to create a compelling mixture of humor, pathos and wisdom. This fine book will be of great benefit to all who are recovering from something, and who isn’t?”

A short article by Kevin on the 11th Step meditation 2-minute intro video from Kevin


Step 11 (page contains links to all chapters in this book: "The Alternative 12 Steps - A Secular Guide to Recovery")


Eleventh Hour Angel (Official Music Video) - Eden Parker (06:07)

This Little Light of Mine (Star Pose & Sing Along | Kids Yoga, Music and Mindfulness with Yo Re Mi (02:06)

RAFFI - This Little Light of Mine - In Concert with the Rise and Shine Band (01:24)

Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band - This Little Light of Mine (Live In Dublin) (03:08)

Grateful Dead - Just A Little Light (Official Music Video) (04:25)


Cover (still have my original!!!)

Inside Front

Author! Author!

Beginner's Nightmares...

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