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Goin' to Hell in a Bucket...

Reader: I had to rush out on a call...and will complete this post ladder...later...

The call was to go celebrate at our local fire department drills and tournament in Hempstead...and notice the address:

300 Weir Street

I was invited by Jonathan, a young next door neighbor who volunteers at our West Hempstead Fire House - two short blocks from my house and directly across the street from my favorite barista: Witches Brew Coffee House on Hempstead Turnpike, where I turn out daily for my cup...

[insert photo of guy we met in a local mall who was wearing a tee shirt with the colors of the Port Chester, NY Fire Department]


More stories about this "GRATE" fire company

Includes these inspirations:

"people who build their personal passions into their work lives are able to see the world in a different light." (see image below about "light")

"We all live a truer life by expressing ourselves through fandoms."

More about Harry Howard Hook & Ladder Company

More Assembly Required

An old friend of our family who moved to Florida years ago, sent us a note on the anniversary of the birthday of their son Danny, who'd just started his career with the Jacksonville, FL Fire Department. We are the proud godparents! add Text to MORRELL’s

On duty 8 days a week…

I got your back…

Fr. Mark Kiesel had been a NYC Firefighter. Our Sunday School kids would hang on his every word…as he told stories of running into burning buildings and rescuing people.

Please say Hi! for us.



My post re meeting firefighter from Port Chester

My prayers whenever the WHFD sirens sound

Grateful Dead in Jacksonville FL doing their popular combination of two tunes: including Scarlet/Fire

Westerner’s racing team drills

Fr Mark Kiesel

Next door neighbor is a volunteer took me to the drills

Previous neighbor was an adult volunteer

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