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E-clips: Cereal boxes containing Special Glasses...Secret Decoder Rings

Barbara, a friend, educator and fan of the Grateful Dead sent me her photos from today's celestial events...

Her choice of instrumentation reminded me of this video from John's childhood days.

Me? I'm in my second childhood...See below...

These balloons intercept the rescue party...reminding them to be peaceful......

This post is writing itself...At the mention of "diamonds" in the previous song...this came into view in the night sky...

Cereal Boxes...3D Viewing Glasses

BLUE & RED...Seems like they could only view America's two leading political parties...NOW, imagine if they looked with both eyes WIDE OPEN, so the colors merged into PURPLE...

[from the article] Less than a third of the electorate are happy to call themselves Republicans, and only a bit more say they’re Democrats—but between 33 and 39 percent now consider themselves neither Democrat nor Republican. In other words, there are more of us than there are of either of them.

What’s changed hardly at all over the past 30 years, however, is people’s sense of where, in rough terms, they stand ideologically. Almost half of Americans consistently call themselves moderates.

(continue reading at the above link)

Cereal Boxes...Secret Decoder Rings

[from the post]  Psst….! “Hey Jimmy…!” I whispered, “Here read this note.”


 The note had this written on it:




We were in 5th grade math class at Travis Elementary School. Jimmy took the note and as he glanced at it, a strange puzzled look came over his face. He looked over at me, shrugged his shoulders and whispered back at me, “What’s this mean.”


 I giggled a little and whispered, “Ya Gotta have a Secret Decoder Ring to figure it out.”


 “Fred, Jimmy…? What are you two talking about during class?” Mr. Erenstine asked us.


 “Ahh, Nothing Ma’am.” I stammered back.


 “Well, stop talking and pay attention.” She snapped.


 “Yes Ma’am.” We both answered quickly.


After class Jimmy came over to me and asked excitedly, “Whoa…! Where did you get the cool Decoder Ring?”


“It was free in the box of cereal my mom bought.” I answered.


“Let me see it.” He said, and we proceeded to marvel at it’s wonderful construction.


It was too keen and super neat. It was just a cheap plastic ring with a gold colored looking paint on it and had two dials on the top. The inside one was stationary and the outside ring could be rotated around the inside one. They both had all the letters of the alphabet on them and you could move to outside ring to wherever you wanted. The trick was to let the other person know where you had put the first letter A of the outside ring over which ever letter you chose on the inside ring.

(continue in the link above)

Second Childhood...

[from the description] A lonely, rich, hypochondriac is celebrating her 65th birthday in the same manner in which she observes the other 364 days of the year by complaining, berating her servants, taking her pills and grumping about everything around her, including the sunshine.

Seems MUSIC...began her transformation...turned her around...

"You're only young once" she says as she dons the roller skates...

For Further Revelations...

Be sure to "SEE" the 3 other ECLIPSE DAY 2024 special precautions for viewing...


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