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Cosmic Song for Autumnal Equinox: Day/Night...Yin/Yang

From an email I sent to some friends about the changing of the seasons...

Richie: You often "scherr" wisdom from Dr. Scherr…well, I’m repaying the favor and sending you & all y’all (for you Steven C) some tuneful treasure from Dr. Jerry & Associates…but first…

All y’all: On this day in time, as the Earth stands in a day/night balance for but a moment in time…

--something I only recently noticed: the traditional yin-yang symbol is interesting in that each section contains a quality of the other – there’s some darkness within the light and some light within the darkness – just like us.

--the above modern portrayal displays the same “one-within-the-other” imagery.

My sign…Libra (9/27/47)

At this point in my journey through the stars, been trying to achieve more balance and avoid the state that arises from imbalance. I offer you these words of wisdom from a guy I know in the Program, who, when asked if he had balance in his life, quipped,

“Sure, I got balance…I pass it on the way to either extreme.”

…and now the song…

Peace, tOM


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