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The DISCiples asked, "Lord, teach us to PLAY..."

Updated: Apr 9

Grateful Dead - Playing In The Band (Buckeye Lake 6/9/91) (Official Live Video) (09:23)

IF your church is're in the right place...



The Church of the Grateful Dead (Facebook)


Next is one of the comments on the official site of the Grateful Dead (with my added emphasis).

"In one of the other topics, one of the folks seemed not to be so sure of the reception he'd get for saying he was a youth minister at his church. In my experience, Deadheads span the full spectrum from Agnostic to Zoroastrian. I've met atheist Deadheads, Muslim Deadheads, Buddhist Deadheads, Catholic Deadheads, Jewish Deadheads, and Wiccan Deadheads. My Deadhead friends are all over the map on this stuff, and as far as I'm concerned one of the real richnesses of the scene is the ability to see how things look to other folks and, sometimes, experience it from their world.

Believe it if you need it, if you don't, just pass it on. But talk about it here, and please maintain a safe respectful place to do so."

"Like I told you, like I said

Steal your face right off your head"

Grateful Dead - He's Gone (Foxboro, MA 7/2/89) (Official Live Video) (13:55)

Franklin's Tower ☮ Grateful Dead, 5/9/77 (14:08)

Source: Image is gone

Source: Image is gone...


See Jerry Garcia’s Most Astounding Paintings and Sketches - RollingStone

--includes this next one:

Entitled "Northern Lights" "This piece was created during the 1990 European tour after Jerry and Manasha saw the Northern Lights through a window aboard a plane on an overnight flight to Stockholm, Sweden."


This next section is yet another example of how these posts come about...they're just made up as I follow the crumbs...the grounds...around the www...

For my friends at Witches Brew Coffee House in West Hempstead, NY

POST Scripts...


Oldsters, Gratefully enjoy the memories...

Youngsters, consider this next compilation a music history appreciation course...

Mountain Song, 1971 ☮ Garcia, Crosby, Slick & Kantner (05:24)

Grateful Dead - Mountains Of The Moon (Studio Version) (04:03)


Standing On The Moon 1990-07-06 (10:04)


Our tribe is made up of all kinds of folk...

The Intercession of the Grateful Dead - Wall Street Journal

(from the article) I met Michael around 10 years ago in a parking lot where, strangely, he was taking a picture of my truck. Knowing I hadn’t been involved in an accident, I approached him with some trepidation. “That’s my truck,” I said, walking around to where he stood by my taillights. “Everything OK?”

Michael smiled. “I was just admiring your stickers.” He was referring to my iconic dancing bears, which show devotion to the Grateful Dead, and a “Call Your Mother” sticker, a dry reminder to pray the rosary, the Roman Catholic compilation of meditative prayers. “It’s not every day you see them on the same bumper.”

To read more, you'll have to put some bread in their collection basket (subscribe : )))

Grateful Dead in Folklore - Britannica

WWJD...What would JERRY do?...same as the OTHER ONE "wood"...


Recessional Hymn

Gratefully go into the world...

This show played on our son John's first birthday...and, like the band sings...John also walked in Jerusalem...

We Bid You Goodnight (2 cam) - Grateful Dead - 10-8-1989 Hampton, Va set2-11 (03:19)

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