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Hey, unless you're a Big BAGEL BOSS Man, "Take this job and shove it!"

Updated: Jan 9, 2023


First, the skinny: BAGEL BOSS in Hewlett, NY has been featuring music with its delicious munchies & more...The next two graphics provide some details and the third a little backstory on how bands and bagels came together...

The music is in the next section...

Allan is a keyboard player...

Some backstory on HOW BAGELS & BANDS came together...

Seeing that the band is called "PLAYING DEAD"...


"You got me workin', boss man, workin' 'round the clock

I wanna little drink of water, but you won't let Jimmy stop

Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call?

Well, you ain't so big, you just tall, that's all"

I'm leading off the set with this cool compilation of musicians and lyrics...

Song's Origins

"Big Boss Man" is an uptempo twelve-bar blues shuffle that features "one of the most influential Reed grooves of all time".[1] It is credited to Jimmy Reed's manager, Al Smith, and Vee-Jay Records staff writer Luther Dixon.[1] The song is one of the few Reed hits that was written by someone other than Reed and his wife.[2] Reed recorded the song in Chicago on March 29, 1960; backing Reed, who sang and played harmonica and guitar, are Mamma Reed on vocal, Lee Baker and Lefty Bates on guitars, Willie Dixon on bass, and Earl Phillips on drums.[1] See Wikipedia for footnotes and the rest of the article.

This song was just tailor-made for Pigpen's soul...

--Jerry singin' the blues while Phil lays in the baseline with' his 6-string...

--maybe not for purists...but, Hey! in music, food and other areas...IMPROVISATION is what makes life come ALIVE!!!


First, a little animated backstory...


--A "must see" Co-staring an amazing rolling restaurant (i.e., "foodtruck"), this funny masterpiece also depicts a developing relationship between father and son. In my early years with Avis Rent-a-Car, I worked in our repair shops and one of my favorite sounds was the air horn as the coffee truck was asking permission to come aboard. When our son John was young I'd take him with me to the shops to appreciate the gourmet delights from these rolling restaurants.

As a result of watching this flick, I'm hungering for the featured El Cubano sandwich and have scheduled a meeting at the Havana Central eatery in Roosevelt Field in Garden City. For sometime I'd been hankering to visit because they usually have some pretty cool old time vehicles parked in front.

Yet another GEM, my mate Eileen picked for our evening movie time. Like "Chef" it also has a father-son subplot. The movie's protagonist is not appreciated by his boss - the head chef but he doesn't have enough faith in himself to quit...UNTIL, fate intervenes and he finds himself in his family's restaurant. Add some stars if, like Eileen and me, you like NYC-themed movies.

I also added points because one of the main characters is a taxi driver. In my early years, I drove both gypsy cabs ("We're not YELLOW...We go anywhere") and medallioned ones. Not coincidentally, my garage was in Woodside and I spent a lot of nights cruising for fares right on some of the same streets shown in the movie.


As a 75-year young Deadhead, I love to experience all the places I find fellow members of our tribe. This "bagels & bands" event has prompted me to put the finishing touches on a draft post I have that might be called something like "JEWS FOR JERRY..."

Even though Mickey Hart (a.k.a., Michael Hartman) was the only Jewish member, there's a lot of interesting stories around this subject. For starters, born in Flatbush, he grew up in Lawrence, one of the Five Towns communities that includes Hewlett. Stay tuned.

Furthur more [sic]... If you like the Dead, check out my blog:


--includes links to the tunes

"Left a good job in the city

Workin' for the man ev'ry night and day

And I never lost one minute of sleepin'

Worryin' 'bout the way things might have been"


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