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Happy Birthday, Mom!

--when I saw the balloons…I knew this was a keeper – you’ll see why when you read her poem about clowns

--as with the balloons, I was guided by the Muse she and I both share...

“Oh-oh, I

I hope you're dancing in the sky

And I hope you're singing in the angel's choir

And I hope the angels know what they have

I'll bet it's so nice up in Heaven since you arrived”

1 + 1 = 9

I was the first of their 7…

Mom, Thank you for your smile and sense of humor...

Thank You, MOM!!! (song link)



“When I give the joy that G-d gives me

I find that happiness finds me”



Source for poems: The God of the Universe Dances in Trees - Catherine Tittmann

(Amazon) "The God of the Universe Dances in Trees is a collection of the author's prayer-poems written during the past thirty years, with some as young as yesterday. It's a response, prompted by others who pray, and who remind-that which is received as gift, is meant to be shared. The poems are simple, easy to understand and down to earth. The title is not a contradiction. You'll see. Catherine's poetry is heartfelt prayer, comfortable conversation with her forever Friend. She praises Him, asks questions, sings Him love songs, and offers Him light moments, too. While the book may remind you of blessings you already have, you might even discover a new gift like- finding God in unusual places,- making time to simply be with Him,- listening with your heart as He whispers tenderly,- learning, little by little, to never hurry away. The author is aware of the familiar challenge-if you love God, why not shout it, from the highest rooftop? Well, why not? With joy and hope, this book is her rooftop. Come. Enjoy the experience. Be part of it."


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